Creative designs and thrilling fireworks

Lansing is always a fun firework show for us. We really let our creative sides run wild with the shoot site of any pyro’s dreams. So, of course, 2020 would be no different, that was until Covid-19 changed the world as we knew it. When it was decided to cancel Lansing’s traditional event, we quickly had to pivot from a show in Kenneth W. Bernard Community Park to a firework show in the middle of town. Allowing residents to safely view the show from their homes while maintaining social distancing.

A firework display from concept to reality

Understanding the new scope, our team quickly began preparing for a much different type of show in the middle of town. We worked with city officials and the local fire protection division to devise a plan for a firework show that could be viewed 360 degrees, in all directions. Sitting on top of a hill at town center with homes and apartments in every direction, our new shoot site was a unique but fun challenge. Under new constraints, we utilized a wide array of multi-shot cakes and aerial shells. There was no doubt the skies were soon to be full of thrilling color.

Fireworks fill the sky over Lansing

On a cool, September morning amidst Labor Day weekend, our team departed on a mission to bring joy to the City of Lansing during arguably one of the worst times in recent history. With a firework display designed to thrill, our team spent the day setting-up 3 inch, 4 inch, and 5-inch aerial shells that would burst high over the city for all those to see. But that wasn’t all we had to offer, we also filled the sky with a unique variety of multi-shot cakes that brought an additional layer to the show. As the time approached, thousands of city-goers filled the parking lots around the elevated display site eagerly anticipating 20 minutes of dazzling fireworks.

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