Fireworks for Park City

Park City, Kansas reached out to us in early 2020 to conceptualize a new type of firework show for their community. After meeting with their committee tasked with planning their annual event, we were all in agreement that a multimedia pyromusical, a firework show scripted to music with a synced light show, was the path forward. Our team quickly begin the early design phases and started planning everything down to the smallest detail. That was until Covid-19 took our plans and proverbially threw them in the trash a few months before launch.

Planning for a traditional firework display 

Starting over a few months before a show is never fun but it never phased our passionate team of designers. We quickly shifted to a traditional firework display where patrons of Park City and the surrounding areas could safely view the show from their homes and vehicles. The most important part of this new design was making sure that the fireworks we choose would gain enough altitude with the lift charge before igniting the stars in order for people all over the city to see. We handpicked hundreds of effects that would do just this.

Fourth of July Fireworks, a dream come true

The long-awaited day arrived, the Fourth of July was here, and our crews were loading up to take on shows across the State of Kansas. Park City was on that list of cities we set-out to thrill that evening. Equipped with hundreds of mortar racks, fireworks, and everything necessary to pull off a safe and successful show, our crew departed for Park City, Kansas. McLean Park was the site of the show where we would soon light up the sky with three, four, and five-inch shells as well as many multi-shot cakes with beautiful effects.

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