A thrilling multimedia firework display

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the City of Clearwater was determined to find a way to still provide a thrilling firework show for their residents. With our help, we made it happen and delivered a full production complete with audio, lighting, and of course lots of fireworks! With safety at the forefront of our focus, we dug-in and began the multi-month process of designing.

Magic, fireworks, and a lot of teamwork 

Early in the planning stages, a theme for the show was top-of-mind. After countless meetings with our amazing team, we went with ‘Magic’. Amidst some of the most trying times in the history of the world, we believed we needed to do what we do best and share the magic with those in the City of Clearwater and beyond. Our team with the help of Relevant Audio + Visual was united in the direction and began the tedious task of designing. Beginning with audio and later adding in the design of the fireworks and lighting. We all knew it, this show was guaranteed to be a huge hit!

Pulling off a firework display safely during a Pandemic

Like most events during the pandemic, we had to pivot. With the safety of our audience at the forefront of our efforts, we elected to create a hybrid drive-in style show that allowed for thousands of event-goers to view the show while social distancing. The show was then also live-streamed where hundreds more tuned in to watch the show from the comfort of their own homes. With all the planning done, it was time to take to the skies over Clearwater, Kansas. The show-front spanned well over 600 feet from left to right and was beautifully scripted and full of color as the fireworks and lighting filled the night sky.

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